Matcha Maiden

we are wild Matcha Maiden
Matcha Maiden came to life naturally with Nic Davidson and Sarah Holloway's love for pure, high-quality, organic matcha powders. At the time, most matcha powders sold in stores were processed and blended with sweeteners and preservatives. It was near impossible to find an accessible, affordable version of the real, natural matcha powder which was used for centuries in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. 

This unprocessed matcha was used by monks as medicine, due to it's natural energy-providing properties and high anti-oxidant content. Nic and Sarah embarked on a journey to share the ancient secret of matcha with the modern-day man by creating Matcha Maiden, a high-quality, unprocessed, un-refined ground green tea powder. 

Did you know matcha contains up to 130 times the antioxidants and up to 10 times the nutritional content of regular green tea? 

Mix matcha powder into your smoothies, porridge and desserts or mix with hot water and/or hot plant-based milk to make a deliciously nutritious energy-boosting matcha latte.

we are wild Matcha Maiden

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