We are wild blog articleWILD TABLE: Superfood Hummus with Cannelle Rebelle

WILD TABLE: Superfood Hummus with Cannelle Rebelle

"It was a rainy Morning but as soon as we arrived in the 
Cannelle Rebelle Kitchen, we found an absolute rainbow! 
Doris was experimenting with colourful hummus using 
our favorite wild superfoods."

If we can say anything about Doris, we can say this: This girl is never 

out of creative ideas. Her unique combination of ingredients 

surprised us to be just as healthy as they are delicious...


Ingredients (serves 4):

  • 240g cooked chickpeas
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons of tahini
  • 50-60g of spinach
  • The juice of a 1/2 a lemon
  • 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Match Maiden Matcha Powder
  • 3 dates
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt & pepper


  1. Mix all ingredients in a food processor until you obtain a smooth and creamy texture 
  2. Add the Matcha powder and dates according to your taste


Ingredients (serves 4):

  • 4 Tablespoons of tahini
  • 1 Tablespoon of water
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of rosemary
  • 1/2 Teaspoon garlic powder or half a small clove of fresh garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of Arctic Berries Powder
  • 1 date
  • Salt & pepper

  1. Mix all ingredients in a food processor until you obtain a smooth and creamy texture 


Ingredients (serves 4) :

  • 240g cooked chickpeas
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 3 tablespoons of tahini
  • The juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • 1-2 tablespoons of acai powder
  • 3-4 tablespoons of dried cranberries
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • Fresh parsley
  • Salt & pepper


  1. Mix all ingredients in a food processor until you obtain a smooth and creamy texture 
  2. Add the Açai powder and dried cranberries according to your taste

We are wild blog articleRECIPE: Crunchy Berry Breakfast Jar

RECIPE: Crunchy Berry Breakfast Jar

We all know breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but the struggle is in having enough time to make a healthy and filling breakfast to give you energy to start your day well.

This is the perfect jar to throw together in 5 minutes in the evening, leave in the fridge overnight and all you have to do is add a bit of granola (to keep in crunchy) and a splash of almond milk before digging in! You can even throw the jar in your bag and bring it to work with you if you’re running low on time. Our selection of Organic Rude Health products are high in fibre, plant-based proteins and quality fats to keep your mind awake, focused and ready to slay the day ahead.



  1. In a large jar, add half the yogurt (125g), 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tbsp of cacao nibs, ¼ cup of berries, ¼ cup of Rude Health Ultimate Granola  

  2. Add a 2nd layer with first the rest of the yogurt (125g), then 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tbsp of cacao nibs and ¼ cup of berries

  3. Leave your jar in the fridge overnight, and all you need to do is add the last ¼ cup of Rude Health Ultimate Granola and the splash of Rude Health Ultimate Almond Drink before digging in!

Written by Victoria Sardain

We are wild blog articleIn May: We Are Wild about Almond Milk!

In May: We Are Wild about Almond Milk!

It’s time to welcome the beautiful month of May. The sun is out, flowers are blooming and it’s as though everyone is finally crawling out of hibernation. 
We’ve moved away from warm soups and comforting curries and towards iced lattes and smoothie bowls. In celebration of everything fresh, healthy and clean for the new season, this month we’re wild about nut milks. In case you were wondering what the hype is...let us clarify. 

What is almond milk? 

Almond “milk” is very simply a “milk-like” beverage made from almonds or a mix of almonds with other nuts and/or seeds. In order to make this beverage, almonds are usually blended with water and then strained to make a light, flavourful beverage that can be used as a dairy milk alternative. 

What are the nutritional benefits of almond “milk”? 

- Rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E 
- Almond “milk” is a much lighter, low fat and lower calorie option 
- Unsweetened alternatives are very low in sugar 

What to look out for when buying almond milk? 

Almond milk is not necessarily the healthier choice, it depends very much which almond milk you buy. Before you buy your next carton of almond milk, make sure you check for the following: 
1. Read the ingredients - the less, the better. Avoid almond milks with many additives

2. Opt for unsweetened versions - many store-bought almond milks are loaded with sugar 

3. Go organic - almonds easily absorb pesticides due to their high fat content, so always chose the organic option

Words by Victoria Sardain

Source Picture: https://livesimply.me/2015/06/16/how-to-make-almond-milk/, Live Simply

We are wild blog articlePORTRAIT OF A MINDFUL WARRIOR_002



During a snowy weekend of March, the Wild Team undertook Luiz Veiga Ashtanga workshop in the warm and super comfy Yoga Flame studio in Lausanne. The master ashtangi based in London spent 4 years in Mysore, India with Pattabhi Jois and dedicate now his life to share this powerful practice. Ashtanga yoga is famous for being a demanding discipline, both physically and mentally. We really enjoyed the hospitality of the upbeat studio owners couple Carole and Pascal, whom entrepreneurial story will be covered soon on The Wild Journal, and Luiz transparent and straight forward views on ashtanga. 
The man arrived a bit late from his plane ride delayed by snowfalls. Dressed all in black, his unusual muscular proportion for a yogi gave away at first sight the strong physical aspect of ashtanga yoga. He started his Teaching at the first step he walked in.

«  What are you doing in savasana? Shouldn't you be warming up instead? » 

His tone of voice is poised and firm, his look direct and confident. We have all immediately realized that we were in for the promised demanding ashtanga ride of 2 days. After he demonstrated a few of his favorite warming up moves we could or certainly should have been doing during this time he plugged in his iPhone in the sound system. And here we were,  moving in rhythm at the sound of his recorded ujjayi breath for the next hours. Luiz also shared with us his understanding of the practice, the philosophy behind it and his experience in Mysore. We’ve recollected some of it in the interview below. 

Keep breathing. 

Who are you, what’s your story?

(laughters) Where to start? I come from Brazil and moved to London with only a few dollars in my pocket, without even speaking the language. I trust things, I trust life. Now I live in London with my wife and my son and teach at Ytopia. Let just say that I’ve been very curious in my early years, I was travelling a lot, trying new things. I’m a very daring guy (like crossing the Sahara on a motorbike alone). I move forward, with no negativity and when a difficulty arise I deal with it. I was searching and experiencing different types of yoga before I found ashtanga at age 40.

How did you come to find Ashtanga as being your favorite style?

Ashtanga really changed my life. Ashtanga means the 8 limbs. It is a complete practice. It is in itself a metaphor of life. You go through a defined series of asana that represent the different phases of life, you salute the sun and rise through adolescence, then maturity and finally die in savasana before you are born again. I appreciate the emphasis on breath that encourages one to focus, the energy to flow and transform movement into asana, connecting the body and mind, to eventually free the spirit to take space. It is so much more than body exercice. The fact that there is a fixed sequence also means one can not choose between the pose she/he likes or not. Like in life, they are things you like better than others but you still need to get on with the later as well to move forward. Thus this practice builds strong mindset to go through the harder experiences of life. Finally I’ve found that embracing this fixed sequence enables best the meditative state of mind while practicing because you dont have to think what comes next. 

How do you find the motivation to practice daily?
I don’t practice, I do yoga. Every moment. 
What's your blissipline?
Looking at my son growing up!

Tips you want to share?

It is good if you can arrive a bit early at the practice. Then don't sit or worst lay down in savasana. Use this time to warm up. If you would like to try this practice, really do your most to stick to the established sequence. Don’t pick and choose the poses. At the beginning, or if you dont have time, you can shorten the sequence by removing the mid poses. But consciously choose which part of the mid sequence you remove for that day and stick to your intention. Also always keep the opening and closing ones. There is a reason why they are in this order, and as mentioned before, part of the benefits of this practice comes from the strength of mind it requires and further grow with it. If you are not yet strong and/or flexible enough for some of the poses, never modify them. Keep aiming for the right alignement, accept where you body stops but keep your attention focus on the intention to reach the final correct alignement. If you modify a pose to make it easier, it is not ashtanga anymore. Stick to it. There is no 'one day you will get there' because you are already there. What truly matters is how you feel in the pose, how present you are.
To focus, the breath is extremely important. I have recorded the correct rhythm to help my students with their home practice. 

Note form the writer: You can find the download link at the end of the article. We have practiced with it during this 2 days workshop and everybody found it very helpful indeed! Highly recommended !

« There is no next, there is only another Now. »

What do you think of the starification of yoga, and even the ultra sexualisation of yoga, from Santa Monica, LA style? They are girls now sponsored by big leggings brands that started 2 years ago and have now a practice close to contortionism and who are super visible on the social medias?  

I’m not using social medias regularly so I don’t look so much at it, nor follow these people closely. I believe you can not judge how good someone is at Yoga by looking at pictures. Most of it don't show outside. Yoga is about being in the present moment. If you do what you can with the right attitude, the rest doesn't matter. In the opposite, the danger with social medias could be that some people seeing these crazy poses in picture think that Yoga is not 'made for them', too complicated, unreachable?
On the other side maybe any way that brings people to yoga is good? If people come to Yoga, with practice, they will eventually have to start building more sincerity to it. Yoga means Union. If you want to experience it, you will have to leave the Ego behind at some point.

« It’s not how you look, it's how you feel, how present you are. » 

What is your overall life motivation and purpose? What fulfills you?
Sharing the little things I know, my love for this practice. The state of meditation that you can reach through the ashtanga practice helps you to see your priorities in life, what truly matters... for me, seeing my son growing up. 
We arrive at home for dinner, what's on the menu?
Aubergine a la Parmigiana
What is your favorite book? 

What's your wild side? 

OMG I am so boring! (Laughter) You’d need to ask my wife…

Ok so tell us about this head tattoo, what is it?

What do you see? I had this funky New Zealander friend. She used to draw on my head different abstract artwork. I didn't really know what she was up to and didn’t mind. One day she said: "That’s your tattoo for your head". I liked it and had it done. 

Where can we find you?

At the moment I live in London and teach at Ytopia. 

We would like to warmly thank Carole and Pascal for bringing such precious workshops to their people and inviting the Wild team to join in the party. We feel sincerely lucky to count you within the WeAreWild community, friends and partners !
Checked Luiz inspiring video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLYJPWBqfD8

To follow Luiz Veiga visit his

Website: luizveigayoga.com
Facebook: LuizVeigaYogaLondon

We highly recommend his guided ujjayi breath: You can download it here

For next incredible workshops check at Yoga Flame check:

22-29 April: Learning the Art of Self Practice through Asthanga / With Nat Ekblom

04-06 May: Hands-on adjustements I Pranayama & Nidra I Yoga Malish / With Sanjeev Bhanot

07-10 June : Summer Retreat in the Alps

Fore more information on weekly classes and activities please visit:

Website: yogaflame.ch
Facebook: yogaflamestudio
Instagram: yogaflamestudio

Words by Antoine Mathys
Photography by ©Tisa Sencur 

We are wild blog articleOne week experiment with the secret Tibetan Toumo practice

One week experiment with the secret Tibetan Toumo practice

and 86 years old yoga pioneer Maurice Daubard 

A couple of weeks ago, high up in the Italian Alps of Aosta Valley, I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to work with 86 years old French yoga master Maurice Daubard and learn from him his decades long cold training inspired by the very secret Tibetan techniques. 

In this crispy piece of reportage, I will tell you about my recent experience of sitting in underwear for hour long meditation in the snow, snowshoe hiking at 2000m in swimsuit and dipping in 0°c mountain lake. Yes it was cold, yes I had to push my limits but gosh I loved it!

Cold adaptation training is the cool kid in the block (pun intended) of the optimal health industry. 

Inspired from Toumo, the ancient secret Tibetan technic practiced by monks, it has recently known a booming popularity through the work of Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof a.k.a Ice Man and his eponymous Wim Hof Method.  He « modernized » the practice by focusing on the breathing technique and removing the spiritual aspect of it. You would find it in the form of online courses on his website and hands-on workshops. Because it does works simply and clearly, there is a growing number of trained facilitators and chances are there is one in your city.

Indeed cold practitioners ranks are inflating fast and for good reasons. What Tibetans knew for centuries, has now been scientifically and clinically demonstrated. Exposing the human body to cold temperatures has extraordinary health benefits. In a nutshell it boost your immune system, overall vitality and good hormones production like no other natural or artificial method I’ve heard of or tested. 

Even our western profit-oriented medical industry wants its share of the pie and has developed its on take on it : cryotherapy. Centers flourish in every corners of main city hubs where you can book a €100+ session in a futurist (time)capsule equipped with with liquid nitrogen reservoirs that blows some super cold air (-100°c) on you for 2-4min. I told you, its modern so its quick, efficient and expensive. And a bit soulless too perhaps? But it works and the same physiological benefits are observable such as pain and muscle relief, inflammation reduction as well as depression and skin problems dramatic reduction to name only a few.

I have been taking cold showers on (almost) a daily basis for a some years now, which is anyway part of standard yoga best practices. The superficial but real benefits on myself were already obvious. I was feeling refreshed and awaken. I also liked it because my showers last understandably only a couple of minutes and thus speed up greatly my morning ritual. Also, instead of feeling a bit chilly like after a nice long hot shower, I am feeling warm, energized and happy. Last but not least for my karma, I have been saving tons of water yearly.

So, for the last few months I was hearing more and more about that Wim Hof, Ice Man guy. From enthusiastic early adopter friends first, then from trusted online health oriented communities and finally his TED talks - content wise because I found the man a bit rough - finished to convinced me. 

My curiosity was fired up. 

And thus the Universe conspired. Three months ago, I’ve found a flyer at my favorite yoga studio in Lausanne. It was the promotion of Maurice Daubard, the great pioneer of the technique, one week yoga toumo retreat in March. 

Following the signs, I’ve booked it immediately. I am not disappointed. It is now with a great inner fire and will to share the beauty of this practice that I write these lines. 

Maurice Daubard is a living legend. Indeed the wise man has embraced a truly extraordinary life (already the subject of 3 existing books), has started his yoga practice in 1956 and been teaching since 1970! Yes you read correctly. He is undoubtedly one of the first ever westerner yogi, alongside iconic Andre Van Lysebeth, Eva Ruchpaul and Babacar Khane. 

We've gathered a couple of weeks ago, together with a bunch of daring yoga teachers, healers, entrepreneurs, cancer patients, retired couples and a few other wonderful lost souls, and met the Master in the beautiful back country skiing resort of Vétan. After a nice dinner, we’ve received an orientation talk for what we were to expect during this unusual week of training, and hop off to bed for an early rise the next day to start the anticipated practice. 

7a.m. we are woken up by a blasting recorded CD of Solesme Abbey bells, followed by (always blasting) Indian mantras. Interesting mix for an interesting week. We all joined in the lecture room where our benevolent guide started by telling us about our first exercice: sitting for one hour, in underwear, outside, in the snow, by -7°c. Sweet. With no rush, we took our yoga mats outside and sat down looking at each other with inquiring eyes. What the h*** are we doing here? 

Every morning we would start this way. Maurice showing us some energy circulating moves and breathing techniques and then we turned facing to the mountains waiting for the sun to show up as a Savior. Most morning He did, sometimes he didn’t. Sometimes snow fall was invited to the session instead. It didn’t really matter. Quickly after the first session we not only survived, we realized how energized and happy we felt. We were truly learning to activate the Sun within. Breakfast never tasted so good. 

After a short digestive break, we would remove our clothes again, put on our snowshoes and, you know, really just go out in the mountain for a hike. To the amused, mesmerized when not completely shocked looks of the super high-tech geared backcountry skiers we would meet along the way. Again, sometimes the heart-warming Lord Sun was of the party, sometimes his counterparts Wind and Fog shown up instead. Anyway temperature was always below 0°c and we always had a blast!

Once back, we put on some big blankets and wait the first hypothermia wave to hit and pass while listening to the fantastic tails of our Master’s life. After less than an hour we are more or less warmed up, and we remove our clothes for the third and last time of the day, to religiously walk outside again, and with great concentration, enter one by one in the frozen waters of a pristine nearby lake. For me that when it really hurt. You are to walk down the stairs and sit down to throat level - to activate the important thyroid gland - while your whole body and mental scream in unisson OUT! OUT! OUT! RIGHT NOW, OUT! And so the first day, I did. After only maybe 30 sec of full immersion I was surely on my way out. Beside a few aliens and some experienced practitioners most people did. 

But most people also manage to increase the immersed time significantly the next days to a few minutes. Personally I was very impressed to manage to stay around 5 to 7 min with acceptable comfort. Well, ok it was an every second battle against my mental and I felt like my skin was literally burning. But somehow it was ok. Ideally, one should remain about 2min to really activate the golden thermo-regulation functions. That’s when your body start generating lot of heat and start pumping adrenaline and endorphins like there might be no tomorrow. 

When exposed to low temperature, the body is first shocked, then enters in survival mode. First the mental will ring the red alarm through striking physical discomfort. « Get out of there! It’s deadly freezing! » If you manage to resist you mental -well-meaning but misinformed sirens song- your body thermo-regulation functions will start kicking in. And that’s precisely what we are looking for.

Our external envelop of the body (2-3 centimeters of epidermis) temperature can significantly decrease, to around 17°c. But not the core surrounding our vital organs, which needs to remains at 36,9°c for optimal functioning and can only take an estimated maximum -2°c off to 35°c before getting in real life threatening hypothermia. Which is by the way, important to mention, almost impossible to reach, even with extended exposure time. Such is the power of our bodies. 

When going out of the water, to strengthen a little more our mental capacities and make sure the cold really reach in the inner core, we would not run to our clothes, nor a hot shower. We would start running in the powdery snow fields, make some energy enhancing asanas such as our good friend chandrasana and then only go in to dress with all the layers we’ve brought in. Fun fact is that by then we were red like lobsters but also completely dried up from internal heat. 

One of my most fond memory is the following tea session when pouring a simple cup of tea and (trying to) drinking it was almost impossible so much we were shaking. An unreal concerto for snowmen. 
The afternoons and evenings were filled with some wonderfully complementing yoga practices and lectures.

It was absolutely beautiful to see all of us becoming more and more human and alive as the day passed. Everyday smiles got brighter, eyes shinier and hearts opened up visibly. 

To wrap it up I’ve found a lot of value in this practice, would advise everyone to try it and will carry with it myself. Since I’ve got back, winter has been giving it last kicks of the year and Ive found myself walking in the street half as dressed as everyone else; while obviously not suffering as much from the blazing freezing cold winds. I am now walking through the winter head up high, chest wide open and smiling and if it was only for this taming of the cold that would be an extraordinary gift in itself. But they are also all the outstanding physical benefits, mental strengthening and purification coming along with the practice. 

To wrap it up, I would suggest that the three practices mentioned, namely Cryotherapy, Wim Hof Method and Tibetan Toumo would provide largely similar physical health benefits. However only the two last ones will give more than that. Mainly because they require to spend time in Nature and connect with it. Then because they are not drop in&out machines, you have to earned it by transcending your mind. And for the ones of you looking also for a connection with something greater than us, Tibetan inspired toumo yoga will become a truthful companion along your path. 

If you are convinced you can still attend a similar workshop at the same magical spot offered by my delightful yoga teacher friend Carole Dalmas this 17-18.03. More information here

Also please visit Maurice Daubard website for more information on this amazing character and future workshops.  

P.S. For the advanced or knowledge-keen yogi:
Toumo is a synonymous of sanskrit tapas, which is the 3rd of the Niyamas, itself second of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga. Tapas translates traditionally as discipline / austerity. The word Tapas is derived from the root Sanskrit verb « tap » which means « to burn », and evokes a sense of fiery discipline or passion. In this sense, tapas can mean cultivating a sense of self-discipline, passion and courage in order to burn away impurities physically, mentally and emotionally, and paving the way to our true greatness. Tapas doesn’t have to mean being solemn and serious though, this fieriness is what gets our heart pumping, heightens our desire for personal growth and reminds us of how much we love our yoga practice!

/ Guinea pig, words & shivers by Antoine Mathys
// Photography: Antoine Mathys, Carole Dalmas, Jean-Pierre Peigner & courtesy of other retreat participants

We are wild blog articleFOOD FOR THOUGHTS - ON  A W A R E N E S S


Awareness is a word that is thrown around a lot these days. It has a certain natural appeal to it I guess. Maybe it’s the comfortable simplicity of it. Awaken the mind and set it free. Pay attention to the here and now and let the rest go. What I’ve come to understand, however, is that paying attention to what exists around me or listening to the thoughts in my head actually leaves a gap between me and reality. For me, awareness is about recognizing reality, for what it is, in this very moment.

Mind the gap. 

Let’s start by considering awareness as a two sided concept, external and internal. External awareness is when we pay attention to our surroundings; the place, the people, the body etc. What we pay attention to in this situation shapes our awareness. When I focus on a tree, I become aware that the tree is there, the leaves are green, it is this tall and so on. I stay focused on this one external element of reality and after some time, generally (always), I begin to notice an internal dialogue. Thoughts creep into my mind about something or someone. I notice the thoughts, realize my awareness has shifted from the tree to the stories in my head, and immediately try to refocus my attention. It is in this moment, however, that I have done myself a disservice. I have treated my thoughts as if they were the enemy, something to be discarded that is pulling me out of reality and into my head. Our thoughts only become our rivals when we label them as such. What I’ve just missed here is an opportunity to engage with my internal awareness. 

Internal awareness plays out in differently. When I shift my focus inward and allow my thoughts to exist with the same validity as the tree in front of me, I can begin to examine them in the same way. Not by their physical characteristics, but through their manifestation in my mind. I define my thought as I define the qualities of the tree; by drawing on experiences from the past, creating a story about whatever it is, and arriving at a conclusion. 

For instance, close your eyes and picture a big juicy lemon. Notice the shape, the curves, the smell. Now see yourself take a bite of that lemon. Did you feel your mouth pucker? Are you wet with saliva? This is the power of the mind. There is no lemon, you only thought about a lemon. 

Welcome to the gap. 

The gap is the nanosecond that exists between the genesis of a thought and the conclusion of a thought. In this tiny slice of time, we identify familiar aspects of a concept or situation and begin to assess it based on our personal experiences. The difference between what I am perceiving something to be, and what is actually going on, is my story. The story my mind tells itself, which is so convincing that it seems pointless to bother considering anything else, instantly takes over. I have been exploring this gap through The Work of Byron Katie who encourages thoughtful inquiry into our belief systems by challenging what we believe to be true. Rather than meeting a thought with resistance and immediately trying to reason it away by whatever means necessary, she encourages you to sit with the thought, meet it with understanding, and reflect on the truth of it. This can be done with the simplest or most complex thoughts, but it takes the awareness that the thought has already occurred to find the truth in the matter. You can use this as a tool to shape your awareness in all aspect of your life as you start to realize that your awareness of the external is simply a projection of the internal mind. 

Here’s a simple example. The other day I went to take a shower. I turned the water on and tested the temperature with my hand. “Too cold” my mind said and I pulled my hand back. In that moment, I became aware of this thought and stopped to question it. Is it really too cold? How could the water possibly be too cold? The water simply is the temperature that it is. Anything more than that is simply a projection of my mind. What does my belief that the water is too cold have to do with the water at all? The truth is it has nothing to do with the water. 

Somewhere in the depths of my mind I heard, "Don’t blame it on the water!” It was my own judgements based on past experiences that are invested into my way of thinking that created some kind of problem between me and the water. Now I’ve projected my bias onto this innocent water that is doing exactly what it should be in that moment at the perfect temperature that it is. How could it possibly be anything else? I actually felt like I should apologize to the water…So I did. I stepped into the cold water and was blown away by how fresh and clean it felt on my skin. The second I let go of my judgements about cold showers, I immediately began to experience my awareness as it was unfolding, instead of reacting to what I thought it “should” be. I proceeded to have one of the best shower of my life, and what followed was pure gratitude. 

Every second our brain takes in more than 400 million bites of information, but we are only consciously aware of about 2000 bites. This flow of information is what shapes the experience of life. Our actions, reactions, worldview, relationships, agency in the world, are all informed by what we pay attention to. It is our attention that constitutes our awareness, but it is our awareness that shapes our reality.

Words by Garnet Suidy


We are wild blog articleThe Conscious Entrepreneur _002

The Conscious Entrepreneur _002

Table Talk avec Youma, Fondatrice de KAYERO

Depuis quelques années, des aliments aux propriétés nutritionnelles exceptionnelles ont traversés les frontières pour faire leur entrée en Europe. Ces bien-nommés super aliments sont généralement proposés sous forme de compléments ou de poudre à ajouter à vos jus, smoothies, yogurts et patisseries crues, raw bars, energy balls mais aussi salades. Leurs noms parfois mystérieux, souvent exotiques - baobab, lucuma, açai, curcuma, spiruline, moringa - vibrent forts. Et pour cause, ce sont de véritables panacées aux apports nutritionnels et bienfaits multiples à faire pâlir toutes les entreprises pharmaceutiques. 

Mais d’où viennent ces ingrédients, pourquoi et comment les adopter ? Sur la route des ‘superfoods’, je me rends donc en chemin à la rencontre de Youma, la créatrice de la marque suisse de super aliments KAYERO. KAYERO signifie partir à l’aventure, découvrir mais aussi innover et créer. On se retrouve au Black Bird Café de Lausanne, où elle nous compte l’histoire de ces fruits et plantes ancestrales. 

Alors que les ‘super aliments’ commencent à peine à être adoptés dans nos contrés depuis quelques années, ils n’ont aucun mystère pour Youma. En effet, d’origine sénégalaise, elle a goûté dès sa plus tendre enfance à la pulpe du fruit de l’arbre baobab, traditionnellement appelé ‘pain de singe’. Le baobab est un arbre sacré surnommé ‘arbre de la Vie’ d’origine africaine qui peut atteindre quelques dizaines de mètres de haut et vivent plus de 1000 ans. A sa hauteur, les bénéfices de ses fruits sont nombreux avec un taux de vitamine C 10x plus élevé que l’orange, une constitution riche en fibre, en vitamines A, B1, B2 et en minéraux essentiels tels qu’en fer, potassium, calcium et manganèse. Autre exemple, le moringa, ce végétal natif du Nord de l’Inde qui est utilisé dans la médecine ayurvédique pour traiter près de 300 maladies. 

Ses feuilles contiennent plus de 15 fois le taux de calcium contenu dans du lait, 15 fois le taux de potassium présent dans les bananes, 25 fois plus de fer que dans les épinards, en plus de contenir les 8 aminés essentiels, un taux élevé en protéine et en vitamines A, B et C. Alors on se l’accorde, pas mal pour une plante. 

« Pour nous, ce sont des plantes et des fruits traditionnels qui font partie de notre quotidien ! » renchérit Youma. D’abord grâce au travail de ses parents, elle a parcouru le monde - Madagascar, Bangladesh - suivi d’une longue période aux Etats-Unis et en Angleterre ainsi que de beaux voyages en Asie. « Lors de mes voyages, je me suis rendu compte que ces plantes et fruits n’étaient aujourd’hui utilisés plus que dans certaines communautés fermées. » Une homogénéisation subie en grande partie par l’influence de l’industrie agroalimentaire, par les pratiques de monoculture et de standardisation. Guidée par sa curiosité, Youma entreprend lecture après lecture sur l’utilisation ancestrale de ces aliments et développe une connaissance pointue dans l’origine et les pratiques traditionnelles de ces merveilles de la nature consommées dans différentes ethnies et tribus depuis des siècles. Là-voilà maintenant heureuse et installée en Suisse depuis le 14 février 2015; c’est le coup de foudre ! 

« Je me rends compte qu’en Suisse, l’arrivée des super aliments prend plus de temps mais les suisses adoptent de plus en plus cette tendance, qui est là pour durer. » Self-made (super)woman, elle s’est formée par son travail en entreprises privées et vit son aventure entrepreneuriale comme un apprentissage quotidien. Elle a fondé KAYERO en Avril 2017 et depuis, elle y consacre 100% de son temps car elle s’occupe de tout : que ce soit dans le développement de ses produits, en passant par le choix de chaque ingrédient (bio), des analyses pour les certifications, du marketing, développement de recettes, etc. Ayant fait ses études dans un environnement anglophone, elle nous confie qu'un de ces plus grand challenge fut d’apprendre à faire "les affaires à la Suisse". 

Challenge qu’elle relève haut la main grâce à son dynamisme et de valeurs fortes car sa démarche est avant tout humaine : celle d’aspirer à une alimentation saine pour tous! Pour elle, un style de vie conscient passe avant tout par la connaissance de soi et de la prise de conscience de son impact dans ses propres actions: « A Kayero, chaque décision est prise sur le principe du PPP : People, Planet, Profit. » C’est pourquoi tous les ingrédients sélectionnés sont certifiés bio. 

Au passage, elle nous explique qu’en Suisse, il n’existe pas de label fédéral mais que ce sont des agences privées qui attribuent les certifications bio selon une charte qui leur est propre. Elle émet quelques réserves concernant les labels ‘fairtrade’ dont seulement une faible partie est reversée aux agriculteurs c'est pourquoi elle privilégie les relations directes entre les agriculteurs pour assurer un produit finale éthique sans trop faire monter les prix. 

Pour conserver les propriétés des aliments, les matières premières sont séchées à basse température et parfois même au soleil. « Ce processus prend plus de temps, c’est sûr, mais c’est nécessaire pour préserver les qualités nutritionnels du produit. » affirme-t-elle. Les mélanges qui ont été créés ont été conçus avec soin. « La tendance générale des super aliments est à prendre avec des pincettes, il ne suffit pas de mélanger au hasard des baies de gojis ou des graines de chia dans un granola. Le savoir-faire est très important. » De plus, beaucoup de marque qu'on trouve de plus en plus à faible coût dans les supermarchés ne sont pas composé d'ingrédients bio ou transformés à moindre coût. Attention au marque qui contribue au greenwashing en surfant sur la tendance superfood mais dont l'objectif unique reste le profit. Manger des super-aliments aux pesticides? Non merci! C'est pourquoi notre mission chez We Are Wild est de faire le tri pour vous puis vous présenter seulement les meilleures marques, qui travaillent avec des ingrédients de premières qualités, un respect des travailleurs et artisans impliqués, des méthodes de transformation optimales et un impact réfléchit sur l'environnement. 

La démarche de Kayero fut de développer 3 premières recettes qui répondent à trois besoins fondamentaux ciblés pour les personnes actives. DETOX aide le métabolisme à éliminer des toxines ; PROTEINE apporte une alternative saine de protéines végétales avec un équilibre parfait d'acides aminés extrêmement digeste; et  ANTIOXYDANT pour l'énergie, résistance au stress cellulaire et renforcer le système immunitaire. La combinaison d’ingrédients de chaque mix a été mis au point avec une nutritionniste qui se marient tant au niveau de leurs propriétés nutritives que sur le plan gustatif. 

Mais pas question de tomber dans des extrêmes ! Pour elle, tout est une question d’équilibre et ses produits sont développés pour être consommé en plus d'une alimentation variée. « Je ne dis pas qu’il faut devenir radical et manger des fruits et des plantes toute la journée...! » D’ailleurs, son péché mignon : les mini-burgers du Happy Days à Lausanne, de préférence le mardi soirée Ladies’ Night. Et les burgers de super aliments ? « Les burgers végétariens existent déjà! On trouve l’équivalent voir plus dans les protéines végétales. On n’a pas besoin de manger de la protéine animale, c’est un choix ! Beaucoup d’athlètes sont véganes, même si on en parle peu. Le mix protéiné Kayero est une alternative complète aux protéines animales, bénéfique tant pour la santé que pour l’environnement, et qui peut facilement être adopté au quotidien. Ce n’est pas seulement pour la musculation ou perdre du poids ! » 

L’équipe We Are Wild est heureuse de pouvoir compter les produits Kayero dans son e-marché conscient et se réjouit d'avoir vos feedbacks.

Mots de Lucie Giani
Photographies de Clémentine Kerestedjian

Suivez-nous sur nos réseaux sociaux @we-are-wild-community pour des idées de recettes inspirantes à venir.

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We are wild blog articleTHE CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEUR _001


DeURIA Organic : De la pratique à l'action 


Les tapis de yoga DeUria, c’est une petite révolution pour les yogis, mais cela commence avec une grande histoire d’amour entre Catherine, le Yoga et L’Inde. Laissez-nous vous présenter la pétillante créatrice passionnée du génial et unique tapis de yoga en coton 100% bio et teinté aux herbes ayurvédiques. 

En un bel après midi de ce fabuleux été indien, nous retrouvons la fondatrice Catherine De Uria, au Paradiso, un de meilleurs café de Genève. Elle est tout de suite hyper à l’aise et sa joie de vivre transparait. « Hmmm ca sent bon ici! » lâche t-elle les yeux pétillants. Après un brin de conversation sur l’endroit, le choix de notre collation (très gourmande), quelques échanges sur notre vie (corporate) passée et des ajustements de matériel pour l’interview, ma curiosité est bouillonnante … exerçant moi-même depuis 2 ans comme professeur de yoga à temps plein, j’ai envie d’en savoir plus sur ces tapis de yoga extraordinaire qui, a peine lancé en commercialisation ont déjà attiré l’attention de Amma pour son ashram, du Yoga Journal et nombreux yogi de renoms!  

« Des essentiels pour la maison et le yoga qui prennent soin de vous et de notre planète. » 

C’est le slogan sur la home page de son site, et cela résume assez bien l’ambition de la jeune entrepreneuse. Catherine a commencé le yoga il y a 12 ans, a cette époque elle travaille encore dans le milieu bancaire. Après plusieurs voyages, et une pratique de plus en plus régulière, elle décide de quitter son emploi afin de se consacrer a son nouveau projet DEURIA. Une marque Suisse, de produits pour la maison et le yoga, éco-responsables et engagés vers une éthique de production plus juste et la plus transparente possible. Evidemment on adore! 

Tout commence donc avec le lancement d’une ligne de linges de bains en coton 99% bio dont le toucher top confort et les couleurs nous charment immédiatement. « Car il était trop difficile de trouver sur le marché des produits vraiment écologiquement responsable de cette qualité ». 

Son amour pour le yoga, la guide naturellement vers la création de produits pour les yogi qui comme elle recherche la qualité et l’éco-responsabilité avec un design moderne épuré. En effet, la plupart des tapis de yoga sur le marché sont synthétiques, morts énergétiquement voir tout bonnement nocifs. Après plusieurs mois de recherches elle trouve une coopérative de femmes dans un village en Inde qui tissent le coton biologique à la main et le teintent avec des herbes ayurvédiques. Elles ré-investissent l’argent ainsi généré pour les besoins de leur communauté, notamment l’éducation des femmes. Une belle coopération humaine démarre et après de plusieurs prototypes les designs finaux sont validés et mis en production. 

Le yoga mat. C’est un objet qui fait partie de nous -yogis- qu’on touche en permanence. On y passe du temps, assis dessus, on y médite, respire, on y répand notre sueur, des larmes parfois, des rires souvent. Blood, sweat and tears. L’épaisseur du tapis classique nous éloigne de la connexion à la terre, d’autant plus s’il est en matière artificielle et souvent fait glisser à cause de la transpiration des mains et des pieds. 

Le tapis est facilement lavable en machine (sans produit!), et l’efficacité des teintures reste présente. L’adhérence est assurée par un tissage de caoutchouc bio fins sur la face en contact avec le sol. Il est fin, beaucoup plus léger que les tapis ordinaires, se transporte donc facilement dans le sac de sport ou en voyage. Cette matière douce qu’est le coton offre une dimension bien plus précieuse que le traditionnel tapis en plastique bleu fluo. Le petit (énorme) plus, qui rend ses tapis si unique et qui nous on fait immédiatement craqué? Les teintures naturelles ayurvédiques utilisées pour teinter les tapis et qui leur confèrent également des propriétés énergétiques médicinales particulière et… anti-bactérienne, antifongique et ils neutralisent les odeurs ! On voit le travail des artisans sous nos yeux, le savoir-faire derrière le métier à tisser, l’âme de l’atelier et l’odeur des herbes utilisées… on se sent connectés à la racine, à la Terre Mère. Et, par ce geste choix conscient à l’impact positif, au grand Tout. 

Ce produit est à notre sens un pur bijou d’ingéniosité et de générosité. Il représente un des concepts primordiaux du Yoga : Ahimsa « non-violence », le respect de la vie et la bienveillance. Combinés au confort et à l’esthétique c’est donc un produit qui correspond totalement à la philosophie We Are Wild et nous sommes vraiment enchantés de promouvoir cette belle initiative. 

Longue vie à De Uria!

website deuria.com
facebook @deuriaorganic
instagram @deuriaorganic

Words: Anne-Cécile Caillaud & Antoine Mathys
Photography: Anne-Cécile Caillaud

We are wild blog articleBehind the (Wild) Scenes _002

Behind the (Wild) Scenes _002

Lights on Vanessa, Zürich-based Wild Sunshine 


Vanessa and I graduated together from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in 2008. We then each followed our own paths until we coincidentally bumped into one another a few months ago at a summer party in Zürich. She had literally just arrived from Bangkok where she had spent the last 9 years gaining work experience in luxury wellness hospitality, opening resort spas and implementing unique wellness concepts across 3 continents. 

During this time she also undertook her diploma in nutrition-certified health counseling from the Integrative Nutrition Institute in New York, became a professionally qualified instructor in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga, and completed a Raw Vegan Health Educator and Chef course in Bali. Yeah - not really the type of gal who lies around watching tv. 

It was quite natural that we re-connected immediately and were excited to share all these common interests and drive to put our life at the service of a healthier world. We are Wild opened our arms and she jumped in the team! 

As part of Wild, Vanessa will be writing about the wellness and yoga industry, representing our brands in the Zürich area and is actively contributing to the consulting arm of our collective. We are currently working together on a new secret exciting project, a center for ultimate relaxation of body & mind ;) But shhhh… more about this in the months to come. 

In addition, with her personal passion for being a purposeful contributor she is starting a new role as the Social Media Manager for On sharing the message of achieving health through running and is a voluntary member of The Global Wellness Institute’s Mental Wellness Initiative emphasizing the importance of mental wellness and how to embrace it. 

You can usually find her seeking out healthy spots in Zurich, teaching yoga and barre movement classes at BodyLoveFitness, or simply enjoying the moment and connecting with like-minded souls over a matcha latte.

A warm welcome to Vanessa in the Wild Team! 

Words by Antoine Mathys

We are wild blog articleTHE (WILD) PLACE _001


Antoine nous emmène faire un tour à ALIVE, studio holistique au coeur de Genève, viens! 

Dans l’article Genesis, nous vous avions promis un éclairage sur ALIVE, le concept créé l'année passée par Antoine, co-fondateur de We Are Wild (WAW).  C’est aussi la première boutique qui propose une sélection de produits WAW en Suisse! Petite interview exclusive avec Antoine qui retrace les lignes de ce lieu dédié au bien-être holistique...

Bonjour Antoine! Alors, comment tout a-t-il commencé ?

Antoine: Laetitia et Stefano avait une superbe arcade de 400m2 en plein centre de Genève. Ils y avaient conçu un salon de coiffure haut-de-gamme avec divers soins esthétiques et de bien-être. Après une prise de conscience suite à des niveaux de stress élevé, ils ont gentiment changé leur régime alimentaire et introduit des exercices physiques ciblés réguliers. Ce nouveau lifestyle a rapidement porté ses fruits. 

Ils ont naturellement voulu intégrer ce changement de style de vie dans leurs activités en proposant un concept conscient et novateur. Le bien-être et la beauté oui, mais en soignant l’intérieur pour rayonner de l’extérieur! 

D'où la création de ALIVE?

Antoine: Oui! ALIVE est né du souhait de proposer un lieu qui célèbre la Vie et de permettre de la croquer vraiment à pleines dents. ALIVE encourage la réalisation de chaque être, atteindre son plein potentiel et un équilibre physique, psychique et spirituel. Convaincu que la santé optimale et la beauté se construisent avant tout de l’intérieur et au travers d’une démarche holistique, ALIVE propose diverses activités issues de sagesses ancestrales et des dernières avancées technologiques qui stimulent le corps et l’esprit de manière naturelle, douce et synergique. 


Parle nous de cet espace et de ce que l'on y trouve?

Antoine: Résolument dans l’ère du temps, le magnifique espace de 400m2 est épuré, apaisant et inspirant. Nous avons interprété le zen de manière moderne, urbaine et décontractée. 

Vous trouverez dans ce concept unique un take-away servant une cuisine vitalisante; une salle de consultation; un studio de yoga et pilates; une salle d’entrainement avec coach personnel ainsi qu’une boutique pour ramener certains produits clés de ce lifestyle à la maison. 

La première pièce principale est très lumineuse et vous êtes directement accueilli par le bar iconique, véritable feu d'artifice de santé coloré. On souhaitait une cuisine vitrée pour jouer la carte de la transparence totale. Les cuisines sont trop souvent des lieux obscurs un peu cachés à l’arrière ou l’on ne sait pas trop ce qui s’y passe. Nous sommes très fiers de nos produits et cherchons simplement à sublimer le meilleur que la nature à offrir avec le moins d’altérations possible. Il était important pour nous que les gens puissent voir qu’il peut être simple et beau de cuisiner sainement.

Les tons choisis blanc, beige et gris et les matériaux comme le tissu et les poutres en bois brut qui servent d’étagères à la boutique, le grand sofa en palettes, le mur en MDF de la salle de yoga et la Présence des plantes confèrent à l’espace une esthétique naturelle où l’on se sent bien mais sans tomber dans les clichés habituels des centres de bien-être. Les touches de couleurs pastel, le laiton et détails en béton apportent peps et une aura d’oasis urbaine bienvenue dans le chaos et tumultes citadins. 

Une mention spéciale pour le sol extraordinaire conçu par des artisans en pierre de Venise dans lequel des pigments de couleurs ont été coulés pour représenter des gouttes d’eau, symboles de la vie et du flow, cet état de bien être et de conscience dans lequel on se sent comme flotter, où tout est simple et que l’on cherche à apporter à nos clients!

Une véritable bouffée de fraicheur! ALIVE est donc un des pionniers de la nourriture Vegan à Genève?

Antoine: Il y a quelques autres établissements très intéressants mais encore trop peu. Les créations culinaires bienfaitrices sont composées dans l’atelier de cuisine juste derrière. Les artistes culinaires d’Alive, assisté d’une diététicienne y travaillent des produits frais, de saison, de production biologique et locale. A l’exception des quelques superfoods chinés au quatre coins du monde, véritable bijoux de la nature qui agrémentent chaque plats et jus. L’affirmation logique « Tu es ce que tu manges » est une des pierres fondatrice du concept bien-être ALIVE et la célèbre phrase.« Que la nourriture soit ta médecine et ta médecine soit dans ta nourriture », attribuée à Hippocrates prône fièrement sur le mur de l’atelier de cuisine. 

Dès le matin à 7h, commencez la journée avec une petit déjeuner vitaminé fait de granola maison, tartines et les fameux açai bowls explosifs entre autre. Dès 11h30, les salades cosmiques, sandwiches végétariens et Buddha Bowls vous redonneront le plein d’énergie tout en légèreté. Toute la journée, craquez sans remord pour les patisseries maison, principalement crues et sans gluten, ni lactose ou sucre raffiné. A consommer sans modération, c’est bon pour votre moral ET votre santé - Alléluia ! 

Des cours de cuisine sous la forme d’ateliers pratiques avec des thématiques comme le raw food, la cuisine végétarienne, le juicing, les plantes sauvages et médicinales ou encore nutrition pour jeune maman, seront bientôt proposés les soirs et weekends. « Notre souhait est de permettre à un maximum de monde d’apprendre et accéder à ce mode de vie et de consommation, sans nécessairement dépendre sur des lieux comme les nôtre pour se nourrir sainement » nous raconte Laetitia la gérante. 

Courez les voir, Ils se réjouissent de vous faire découvrir leur Sainte Trinité qui fait totalement écho à celle de We Are Wild: Beau, Bon et Sain. 

On y fait un petit tour? 


La boutique propose à la vente certains des produits fait-maison et des meilleures superfoods sélectionnés par We Are Wild. Vous trouverez également pour votre plus grand plaisir une sélection de bookazines tendances, livres de cuisine et de développement personnel ainsi que quelques articles de yoga, le tout de production écologique et fair trade! 


L’ambiance change, une fois passé le desk d’accueil au travers de la lumière de la projection vidéo créer par l’artiste montante Sophie Le Meillour vous accédez aux différentes pièces dédiées : 

La salle de consultation qui offre des séances de life coaching, conseil en nutrition, naturopathie, herboristerie, soin énergétique pour travailler l’ouverture du coeur ou récupérer d’une période de stress voir d’un burn-out, massages classiques, Access Bars, Aroma Touch, réflexologie plantaire et bio-résonance. 

Le studio de Yoga+Pilates est une des belles surprises du lieu de part sa configuration originale sur plusieurs étages « comme les rizières à Bali » qui apportant un côté ludique et décomplexant; mais également par la diversité des cours collectifs proposés: méditation, pranayama, haha yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, pilates et même des cours de mindfulness pour les enfants et ados le mercredi après-midi! 

On adore les vestiaires avec casiers et douches, très pratiques pour les rendez-vous et cours le matin et du midi et continuer sur sa journée énergisé et rafraîchit! 

Tout on fond, en cerise sur le gâteau on découvre la salle de Personal Training qui est équipée avec du matériel Technogym dernier cri. José et son équipe de personal trainers, tous forts d’une longue, expérience vous y attendent pour des sessions seule ou en couple et toujours avec cette approche complète du corps humain chère à l’équipe ALIVE. Vous serez pris en charge avec un bilan de départ, une définition de vos objectifs et un programme sur mesure pour les atteindre. Résultats garantis ! 

Grâce à notre service de conseil l'équipe de We Are Wild peut vous aider à conceptualiser votre nouvelle établissement, rafraichir un existant, développer une offre de restauration saine et vous aider avec votre sélection de produits. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour discuter un peu de vos rêves à hello@we-are-wild.com ! 

Stay healthy, alive & awesome !

Words by Lucie Torrigiani & Antoine Mathys

Photography: Tim Cachot


du lundi au vendredi de 07h à 20h 

Rue des Barques 2, Geneva1207, Switzerland 

Site internet: www.alive.swiss

téléphone : +41 22 735 30 75
Facebook: Alive
Instagram: alive_geneva

We are wild blog articleBehind the (Wild) Scenes _001

Behind the (Wild) Scenes _001

Lights on Anne-Cecile, the cheerful lion from the Wild team

There is nothing you can’t achieve, the key is consistency and regularity... even if it's only 5 minutes a day. - Anne-Cecile 

I met Anne-Cecile in May, one month before opening ALIVE, the holistic health concept studio in Geneva- which I already promise to talk about soon, I know. I had sent a few days earlier an open call to all curious yoga teacher from the area to come for a chat, have a sneak preview of the place under construction and see if they would like to teach a class there or whatever else their generous mind would think of. 

Despite an intense summer rain, Anne-Cecile was there first. A bright sincere smile was illuminating her face, which was soon joined by sparkles in her eyes once I opened the doors of the construction site, starting to comment on our mission and objectives for this place.

We swiftly connected, she got the job and is now teaching some vinyasa and power yoga classes.  

The more we discussed the more common interests and shared dear friends we discovered. It is not surprising. Anne-Cecile is wild, paradoxically simple and complex and with a strong artistic acumen. She first graduated from HEAD in Geneva in Visual Communication, before focusing on photography with a Master from St-Martins, University of Arts in London. Along the way, she discovered yoga and ...here is her story!


Anne-Cecile discovered yoga in 2009 during her London years with an Ashtanga class. Seeking physical challenge during the first years, in 2011 her path comes across a teacher who became a friend, Olivia Tüscher. She introduces her to Hatha Raja Yoga : a simple form of yoga, yet very complete. Two years after, she meets Sri Andrei Ram and she’s hooked, no turning back. She quits a career in communication and graphic design to dedicate herself to Yoga. Beyond keeping a healthy mind in a healthy body, for her to be yogini is a lifestyle based on self-care, respect, kindness, devotion to share and serve. AC gets her 200hrs certification in Hatha (Yoga Alliance) entering her ninth month of pregnancy and continues with an extra 100 hours in August 2016 with Andrei Ram. She always seeks to deepen her teaching and practice following regular workshops (Simon Park - Prana flow, Kathy Wolff - HYT ) and immersion with teachers from the Dharma Mittra lineage (Ambra Vallo, Yiannis Andritsos, Agustin Aguerreberry, Dice Iida Klein etc)… She thinks the best way to teach is to keep on learning.

Yogi Talk 

- What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

- My 2,5 year old son Oscar waking up with bells on every single day. 

- What are you listening to (favorite artists / tunes) ?

  • Devi Prayer (a mantra dedicated to all the goddesses, very empowering !! and relaxing )
  • Al Gromer Khan (mesmerizing and deeply hypnotic instrumentals, amazing for Vinyasa classes)
  • Uber Fan of Daft Punk and their ALIVE 2007 Album
  • Mainly folk and electro.


- Any advice for a beginner yoga student?

- There is nothing you can’t achieve, the key is consistency and regularity... even if it's only 5 minutes a day. Maybe start with 2 sun salutations in the morning, then maybe the next day you do one more. « ahimsa » non violence to others and yourself. Make time, drop the ego and don't tell yourself you are not good enough or not flexible enough.

Tell yourself you are perfect as you are and exactly where you have to be.


- Your tips to manage the stress of everyday life? 

- Lots of Kriyas (purifications) and Pranayama (knowledge / control of breath). What helps too is screaming my guts out (alone) in any kind of natural element like the forrest, under water, or the top of a mountain… Trees can be very good friends for that matter !! It is always good to let tensions and anger out, although make sure you’re in a safe environment to do it (i.e. not next to your kid or partner). Never swallow it back right away, otherwise you get migraines! Being stressed or upset is part of life, we all come across moments of tension and discomfort : emotional, professional or physical… It’s a long process to learn how to channel it, once you get acquainted with those feelings, once you acknowledge them, it’s easier to let go.


- What is your best memory of a yoga workshop?

- When you know after months (maybe years) of hard work in a specific challenging asana that you reached the turning point of managing it : you can feel all the steps and it finally clicks. Bliss and probably tears. Once I had a very powerful Prana Nidra (yogic sleep) guided by my teacher Sri Andrei Ram during a training in Barcelona in 2016 and a lot of my knots untied. It was one of the best feeling ever. Being able to surrender and let go of old grudges.


- What is your favorite asana and why?

- Halasana (plough) rejuvenating and calming. It’s a delicious mixture of plenty wonderful positive effects. I teach it at the end of every class… It helps for sleeping 

We are super duper happy to play with her in the Wild team, as a copywriter and photographs as well as yoga expert. 

Website: www.studio-seven.yoga/
Instagram: acc_yoga

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J’ai découvert le Yoga alors que je finissais mon Master en Photographie, diplômée de l'Université des Arts de Londres en 2009, j’avais le projet de devenir photographe. Apres un voyage de 2 mois à Bali ayant changé les perspectives de ma vie, j’ai pratiqué plus assidument le yoga et suis littéralement tombé en amour avec cette philosophie de vie…

De retour à Genève en 2011, mon chemin croise dans les sous-sols de Soluna, celui d’Olivia Tüscher qui m’initie au Hatha Raja Yoga : un yoga simple, complet, ancré dans la tradition. C’est elle qui m’a présenté et fait rencontrer son maitre : Sri Andrei Ram. Il évoque ce qui résonne profondément en moi depuis longtemps. Bien au-delà de l’adage garder un esprit sain dans un corps sain, être yogi c’est avant tout un mode de vie, des pensées et attitudes basée sur l’écoute de soi, le respect des êtres et de la nature, la bienveillance, le désir de partager et servir. Vie saine. Esprit calme. Corps en santé et en mouvement. Vie inspirée !

Je pratique le yoga comme je le sens et je me forme constamment. J’aime voir le yoga comme une discipline au delà du physique, des outils simples et efficaces aidant dans les tourments et la frénésie du quotidien. 

Rester avec soi-même dans l’immobilité et sans aller dans l’ego, prendre soin de soi et respecter le premier Yama : Ahimsa, non violence envers les êtres de l’univers et envers soi-même ! A la naissance de mon fils en 2015, j’ai décidé de quitter mon emploi dans la communication et l’enseignement du graphisme, afin de me consacrer à ma passion et je suis suis devenue professeure de yoga à temps plein. En perpétuelle évolution dans ma pratique et cherchant à me former continuellement auprès des enseignants et maitres de la lignée Dharma Mittra, j’ai pu y intégrer mon premier amour : la photographie. Je travaille principalement avec des yogis et des professionnels du bien-être « holistique » : thérapeutes, masseurs, danseurs etc…

Nous sommes très heureux de l'avoir dans l'équipe Wild, en tant que rédactrice et photographe et experte pour le yoga !

Website: www.studio-seven.yoga/
Instagram: acc_yoga

Words : Antoine Mathys & Anne-Cecile Caillaud

Photography: Seven Design

We are wild blog articlePortrait of a Mindful Warrior_001

Portrait of a Mindful Warrior_001

Riding the Rocket with The Blue Yogi

The We Are Wild team rocked n’ rolled at a recent 2-day Rocket® Yoga workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland led by It’s Yoga® graduates The Blue Yogi Natalie Ekblom and Anna Roivas. Larry Schultz, the founder of It’s Yoga®, created The Rocket® Routines, a series of postures based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary and intermediate series. Aptly named The Rocket®, because “it gets you there faster.” 

Day 1 took us through Rocket® 1, a routine that integrates postures from the first and second series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with focus on strengthening the legs, shoulders and abdominals. On day 2 we were flying with Rocket® 2, a "feel good”, demanding and fun class that includes variations of poses from the second and third series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga focused on arm balances, backbends and hip openers. After giving it our all for the intense practice our bodies commanded healthy nourishment, which we received in the form of delicious vegan brunch at Bad Hunter, a restaurant promoting a health-conscious mindset. With belly’s full of broccoli, kale and happiness, we sat down with The Blue Yogi to dive deeper. 

We understand there were some last-minute changes to the workshop venue – how did you deal with that experience? 

With 3 deep breaths... Learning one week before the workshop that the booked venue was no longer available, we thought we would have to cancel the workshop. Cue 10-minute melt down. The original venue host thankfully helped us locate a space, which ended up being about 100 meters from the original one. This was really only confirmed the day before the workshop started. In the end of the day, everything worked out perfectly. We can't control everything, it is what it is and Yoga also teaches us to go with the flow and see how we work with it or around it. 

Why do you call yourself ‘The Blue Yogi’?

I love blue. Maybe for it’s calming properties? When in doubt, I choose blue. When I have my own studio, it will be blue. At first, I didn’t want people to think I was sad, because blue could relate to this. In the end, I accepted that if people think this, I would want them to appreciate the full expression of my emotions. I’m very open with my feelings. I let them flow as they come. Sadness is part of me as a whole, so it too is to be embraced. 

How did you come to Rocket Yoga® ?

After high school, I went on to study fashion design in NYC and psycho social studies. After that I had a chain of odd jobs and didn’t really know where I was going, I was on a search for myself. Exercise wise, I was more into boxing and even weight lifting. Power and strength was what I was after. I only got into daily yoga practice when I was working at Equinox in London and started going to Ashtanga classes regularly. Slowly but surely, I would find out that real strength comes from within and although my muscle volume melted, I feel much more energized and am much stronger than I ever was.

There was one class in particular where things clicked. It was the first time I successfully went into an arm balance. I was watching the instructor as we set up the pose and we locked eyes. I followed her movements almost as if she was in control of my body. She moved, I moved. Step by step, the instructor guided me through it and all of a sudden, I was flying. It was after this experience that I thought, "I want to guide people through this. I want to help people feel something similar to this amazing energy just coming out of me and into me from everywhere and everybody around me." I looked for a training in Finland or Europe and that’s when I found It’s Yoga®. They were hosting a training in Estonia and it looked exactly like what I had envisioned. It was at this incredible little lake with forest all around in the middle of nowhere and the thought of being there for 4 weeks studying yoga resonated with me. I signed up immediately without knowing anything about Rocket® or It’s Yoga®. I approached it from the perspective of, “this is who I am and I don’t know what I’ll get out of this. Maybe nice shoulders, I don’t know!” Only after practicing did I really see how it’s organically changed my life in so many ways. From day one, I knew this was right for me and I haven’t turned back since. I went for Rocket® full on. 

Tell us about the Rock n’ Roll style of Rocket®?

Rocket® is edgy and creative. When Larry Schultz created Rocket®, he was the dedicated yoga instructor for the band The Grateful Dead. The rock and roll element was incorporated from the start in order to match their irregular rockstar life schedule and make the practice accessible, essentially breaking away from regular convention. Borrowing from the theme of music, practicing Rocket® invites one to move to the natural rhythms of the body. Rocket® attracts the misfits because there isn’t an expectation for practitioners to touch their toes or get into crazy flexible poses. It’s for all levels. You can be next to somebody that’s been practicing for decades or somebody that’s brand new. 

Staying authentic to rock and roll, Rocket® is about freeing your spirit, breaking the rules and doing what feels good.

How did you and Anna come to collaborate on a Rocket® training? 

Anna and I met as roommates on The Rocket® training and hit it off straight away. During the training, we were tasked with creating a SMART (specific – measurable – achievable – realistic – time-bound) goal. Anna and I made it our goal to collaborate on a workshop by the end of November 2017, and now we can excitedly tick that off. 

What is your main takeaway from your classes?

To have fun. It takes away the competitiveness element. If you fall out of handstand, just laugh, it’s not so serious. I want the 90 minutes to resemble a child playing. I encourage people to come with an open mind. Even if they do half the poses, or one pose and the Savasana, that’s ok. Be free to be whoever you are and however you need to be. With Rocket®, there are the original poses but if I’m inspired to do something different, I do it because it feels right in the moment. There is no yoga police. The mat has become my playground and Rocket® provides the freedom to explore. I just do what feels good in my body. Yoga doesn’t have to be difficult, you don’t have to push yourself to do something that doesn’t feel good. Just be free. 

What is your motivational driver?

The way I teach is driven by, "practice what you teach and teach what you practice." I feel like I can’t teach something that I don’t do myself or that doesn’t come from my own experience. I want my message to be authentic. I need to share this practice because it’s just too beautiful to keep to myself. I lived a life of anxiety and waking up in the morning not wanting to get out of bed. Tired of life a bit. I’m so far on the other side of that now and I don’t ever want to go back to feeling that way, I don’t think it’s even possible that I could. I want to help people see that there are these tools and they’re easy to do and easy to integrate into your life. Maybe not 90 minutes a day, but 10 minutes is great too. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, not just the time you spend on the mat.

Are you living your dream?

I’m on the path to it. I used to teach yoga on the side, but now I’m teaching full time since July and it’s taking off way faster than I had ever imagined. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. The big dream I’m getting closer to is my own studio that mixes visual arts with yoga. I have a background in art so I want a space that has 2 studios, one for yoga and the other for art classes. The art that’s created would be displayed in the yoga studio to mix the two worlds together. Life drawing, painting, sculpting. I find that after I’ve practiced, the way I see the world is more alive and the colours are brighter and more vivid. Looking at something beautiful after I’ve practiced really opens my eyes and just feels like magic. And if that painting keeps changing, each day you experience something totally different and it will move you in a different way. Art has always really affected me emotionally and I feel that If you blend the two, it could be so liberating. With such a connection to Lausanne, I imagine creating it here. 

We’ve arrived at your home for dinner, what’s on the menu? 

I don’t cook, but I do get pleasure from eating. I eat whatever it is I’m craving. Normally it’s something healthy like an avocado salad, but it could also be a homemade burger. I don’t want to stop my body from having what it wants even if it’s cheese at 9pm. So if you came over for dinner it could be anywhere from a cheese fondue or quinoa salad and fried tofu to homemade sushi. I do love to bake though, don’t get me started on cakes….

What book is on your bedside table?

Currently I’m between "Yoga Mala" by Pattabhi Jois, that’s the kind of book I flip through, and "The art of Vinyasa" by Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman. When I’m not reading about yoga I try to go into a different world, and since my world is not really scary, I mostly read thrillers. I’m also a big Susan Lewis fan.

What is a quote that you live by?

“For what it’s worth...it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Whats your wild side?

(Laughters) I definitely have a wild side. It usually comes out at night. I love dancing and I’m the first to get up on the bar at Farinet Verbier’s favorite après-ski. I totally let lose, but I feel it’s all about balance and that’s what I’m trying to share with Rocket®. I have a lot of discipline in my life because of where I want to go business wise. Before my practice was personal and my work separate. Now that I’m mixing the two I need to find a way to switch off the yoga and switch on something else, which might mean dancing by myself in the kitchen or going out to a club. I am not perfect in this whole spiritual lifestyle, and nor do I want to be, because I have this other side to me that’s not always about what’s best.

Whats your blisscipline?

I do my practice 6 days a week. I need it. I want my practice. If I’m sick or feeling awful, I’ll just get on my mat and meditate or do some restorative yoga, but when I get back into it I still go back to traditional ashtanga and Rocket®. It’s the one thing I can’t finish my day without. If I don’t, then I need coffee…a lot of coffee.  

Where can we find you

I teach regularly at Yoga flame, and will soon start at L’Equilibre all in Lausanne. My next Rocket® event is January 28th at Yoga Flame on transitions in the Rocket® sequence.  For people who want to deepen their practice, I am excited to introduce a special serie of workshop in March at L'Equilibre in Lausanne. It's like doing a teacher training without the expectation of teaching after. Getting all of the philosophy and practice without the details of facilitating a class.

Words: Vanessa Stoessel & Garnet Suidy
Photography ©Tisa Sencur

Website: https://www.theblueyogi.com/
Instagram: @theblueyogi
Facebook: The Blue Yogi

We are wild blog articleGenesis


We Are Wild is a Love Story. 
A (super) food story. And above all a wonderful co-creative Human story.

The entrepreneurial journey starts with an irresistible desire to create, challenge the status quo and as-the-fancy-word-goes innovate. Perhaps it simply boils down to succumbing to an inner itch to improve something in our own everyday lives. First, we dream. We dream of an idea that somehow reshapes our world. Then, our inspirations drive our actions. 

Picasso said that every child is an artist. We believe that our very lives should be conducted artfully. And so too the many ventures and adventures that illuminate our paths. Let’s wake up this child inside us! Yes, do you remember it now? The time when everything was possible. When Joy was our shining Northern Star guiding us from our belly to our next little fantastic enterprise. Whether it was creating a dance choreography, charming our way to the chocolate stash or climbing a mango tree. How heart-warming it is to realize now how much these skills playfully prepared us for what was to come…

Come on all ye kids here, gather around the fire. Open your ears wide and these starry eyes of yours. Here is how it goes…

London, Autumn 2015

In search for direction and purpose, I had decided to take a break after my Economics degree. The answers I believed were « out there ». They had to be. And I was certainly not going to follow the herd, to a well-paid job I didn’t want. I started with a couple of internships for positive impact startup networks and accelerators. Oh dear, so much passion and drive, so many beautiful people that found their mission and were moving mountains to get noticed. I was left dazzled but even more confused. 

As the old French adage goes «  Nul n’est prophète en son pays. » No one is a prophet in his her own country . Far from the hope and self-confidence to share my Lights, maybe expatriation would help me face and recognize mySelf. I completed an entrepreneurship course at Imperial College in London the previous Summer and fell in love with the create energy of this city... I felt I needed to go back. I booked a single ticket and packed my stuff without any plan. 

When I started to work for this fine cold-pressed juicery, I really knew nothing about detox green juices nor the so called superfoods with exotic names such as maca, spirulina or lucuma. I needed to pay my bills and the Universe walked my feet there. No job positions were advertised, but I’ve asked anyway and got one. « You start on Monday. » Perfect, exciting and scary. 

In this vegan temple, every day was a discovery: from raw cakes to zucchini spaghetti, matcha energy balls to cashew nut milks, I was intrigued by this fresh, creative and well-meaning cuisine. 
This new way to nourish my body swiftly resonated with me. Not only did I realized that healthy could be synonymous with tasty. I quickly felt the results - I was bursting with energy and my mood was high. Bye bye the cravings, and the lose-lose Cornelian choice between devouring guilt and undesired kilos. 

Hooked, I started my research : some readings and some hands-on experiments trying out all these new rainbow-like foods. You surely understand that nothing is better than first-hand knowledge ;)

I was mind-blowed (and filled) by the good nutrients contents and related many health benefits of these natural wonders!

Whole Foods. That was the name of the game. And also of my new favorite market. I spent hours, skipping through the shelves in search of the next jewel food brand. A kid in front of a Christmas Tree. I was drooling.
Some of the products I discovered stood out. Beautifully packaged, they told a story and were much – much – better in terms of ingredients used (or not used) and the respectable transformation processes applied than the vast majority of foods brands that populate (or pollute) most food stores.

Everything took whole other dimension when Antoine visited me in London. 
Antoine is passionate about real food. He is a firm believer that Mother Nature provides us with the most powerful nutrients and that “food is our medicine”. But maybe here is a good time to introduce him a little before getting back to our story.

About Antoine and roller-coasters…

Born globetrotter, he grew up in the arms of Africa, South America and Switzerland. Very young, his strong drive for freedom and appetite to learn new things brought him to several summer jobs. At 13, he was picking up grapes in the local vineyards, by 16 he was working in lake side camping shops and waiting tables, by 18 he was a manager at a Brazilian bar during the National Expo02 breaking records of caipirinha sold in one night. After dismissing engineering and architecture studies, he found happiness at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, where his passion for travel and food were enlightened with practical business tools. Once « specialized » in Food & Beverage management and marketing it was time for him to taste the world again; but this time he was choosing what’s on the menu. His short but intense career could already be the pitch of a small book. Or a cartoon. For the colours, extra-ordinary events, crashes and numerous super beings that star in his fantastic stories.

In a nutshell, Antoine’s path was blessed with premature management positions at Montreux Jazz Festival and a boutique hotel in Siem Reap Cambodia; a role in the opening team of The Standard Hotel in NYC; before re-opening Sunset Beach, a tree-house property in the Hamptons. Then Analyst for a hospitality consulting firm in London, he later joined a major recruiting agency to lead the launch of their retail division in Geneva. 

Antoine is a romantic visionary and a die-hard dreamer. Do you know  « Le Petit Prince » of French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? Talking to animals, asking endless questions with a flower in the hand ? That kind of guy.

Well dreamy Antoine has been drafting many business models for years. While particularly successful at his new role headhunting the « best talents » for the « best corporations », he had a breakthrough. Happy so far with his mission of helping people find more suitable jobs for their growth, he realized that he was also (in)directly helping multinationals with practices he didn’t approve, more performing at whatever they were doing to eventually please faceless shareholders. His sleep quality deteriorates and in 2012 at age 28, he quit his comfy situation and co-founded his first startup « StyleAvenue », a second-hand vintage clothing online platform. Which bankrupted two years later. Full of debt but also of invaluable new digital skills. And friends.
After a few consulting mandates among which was the relaunch of the oldest burlesque cabaret in Europe and some work with an award-winning mobile app development agency he decided to combine his hospitality and digital skills and start the creative collective of self-proclaimed Experience Architects ART&FACT. 

Back to London. 

The birth of We Are Wild

Our encounter was stellar. Despite different upbringings, we liked everything the same. It is with butterflies and lots of hazelnut milk cappuccinos in the stomach that we draw the contours of We Are Wild. We were both really excited about the healthy lifestyle these young and dynamic brands in London represented. Our vision was born: we would curate the most amazing brands and make them available for everybody. Our plan was to create a conscious marketplace, a community of ethical entrepreneurs, a collective of positive artisans and artists. 

The seed of We are Wild was planted. All it needed to grow was the right balance between water and sun…

A few moons later, the time came for the seed to sprout. Antoine and his team were designing a live arts and music bar for a new client located inside an underground chapel in Geneva. I’m not kidding you. A good friend introduced him to Stefano and Laetitia, a wonderful airy middle-aged couple. He was a successful serial entrepreneur and she had this ever-lasting smile that always-happy people casually wear. They have this 400sqm space in the heart of Geneva and wanted to launch something fun and healthy and thus were actively looking for someone to develop the concept with. Honest, straight-forward and enthusiastic, they immediately connected.
And so, the story of « ALIVE » started. We will tell you more about this exciting story another time. But part of this soon-to-become holistic health studio was to offer a superfood kitchen and concept store.

We presented We Are Wild as an opportunity to showcase the best products Nature has to offer together. A match made in Heaven as both projects had objectives to inspire the masses towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. And We Are Wild was jump-started along the development of Alive. 

We are so amazed by the many serendipitous encounters that made this journey possible. Immensely grateful as well, for the countless loving people that have supported us and the many friends who have now joined the Wild Tribe as important co-authors of the chapters to come. And of course We Are Wild only exists thanks to and for the passionate entrepreneurs and their partners who daily shape a better world for us and the generations to come. A warm thank you to the first brands who candidly join the Wild dance. It is their inspiring stories that we will bring to you in this Wild Journal. 

A warm Thank You from and for All of Us. 
We Are One. 

With love & light