We Are Wild is a Love Story. 
A (super) food story. And above all a wonderful co-creative Human story.

The entrepreneurial journey starts with an irresistible desire to create, challenge the status quo and as-the-fancy-word-goes innovate. Perhaps it simply boils down to succumbing to an inner itch to improve something in our own everyday lives. First, we dream. We dream of an idea that somehow reshapes our world. Then, our inspirations drive our actions. 

Picasso said that every child is an artist. We believe that our very lives should be conducted artfully. And so too the many ventures and adventures that illuminate our paths. Let’s wake up this child inside us! Yes, do you remember it now? The time when everything was possible. When Joy was our shining Northern Star guiding us from our belly to our next little fantastic enterprise. Whether it was creating a dance choreography, charming our way to the chocolate stash or climbing a mango tree. How heart-warming it is to realize now how much these skills playfully prepared us for what was to come…

Come on all ye kids here, gather around the fire. Open your ears wide and these starry eyes of yours. Here is how it goes…

London, Autumn 2015

In search for direction and purpose, I had decided to take a break after my Economics degree. The answers I believed were « out there ». They had to be. And I was certainly not going to follow the herd, to a well-paid job I didn’t want. I started with a couple of internships for positive impact startup networks and accelerators. Oh dear, so much passion and drive, so many beautiful people that found their mission and were moving mountains to get noticed. I was left dazzled but even more confused. 

As the old French adage goes «  Nul n’est prophète en son pays. » No one is a prophet in his her own country . Far from the hope and self-confidence to share my Lights, maybe expatriation would help me face and recognize mySelf. I completed an entrepreneurship course at Imperial College in London the previous Summer and fell in love with the create energy of this city... I felt I needed to go back. I booked a single ticket and packed my stuff without any plan. 

When I started to work for this fine cold-pressed juicery, I really knew nothing about detox green juices nor the so called superfoods with exotic names such as maca, spirulina or lucuma. I needed to pay my bills and the Universe walked my feet there. No job positions were advertised, but I’ve asked anyway and got one. « You start on Monday. » Perfect, exciting and scary. 

In this vegan temple, every day was a discovery: from raw cakes to zucchini spaghetti, matcha energy balls to cashew nut milks, I was intrigued by this fresh, creative and well-meaning cuisine. 
This new way to nourish my body swiftly resonated with me. Not only did I realized that healthy could be synonymous with tasty. I quickly felt the results - I was bursting with energy and my mood was high. Bye bye the cravings, and the lose-lose Cornelian choice between devouring guilt and undesired kilos. 

Hooked, I started my research : some readings and some hands-on experiments trying out all these new rainbow-like foods. You surely understand that nothing is better than first-hand knowledge ;)

I was mind-blowed (and filled) by the good nutrients contents and related many health benefits of these natural wonders!

Whole Foods. That was the name of the game. And also of my new favorite market. I spent hours, skipping through the shelves in search of the next jewel food brand. A kid in front of a Christmas Tree. I was drooling.
Some of the products I discovered stood out. Beautifully packaged, they told a story and were much – much – better in terms of ingredients used (or not used) and the respectable transformation processes applied than the vast majority of foods brands that populate (or pollute) most food stores.

Everything took whole other dimension when Antoine visited me in London. 
Antoine is passionate about real food. He is a firm believer that Mother Nature provides us with the most powerful nutrients and that “food is our medicine”. But maybe here is a good time to introduce him a little before getting back to our story.

About Antoine and roller-coasters…

Born globetrotter, he grew up in the arms of Africa, South America and Switzerland. Very young, his strong drive for freedom and appetite to learn new things brought him to several summer jobs. At 13, he was picking up grapes in the local vineyards, by 16 he was working in lake side camping shops and waiting tables, by 18 he was a manager at a Brazilian bar during the National Expo02 breaking records of caipirinha sold in one night. After dismissing engineering and architecture studies, he found happiness at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, where his passion for travel and food were enlightened with practical business tools. Once « specialized » in Food & Beverage management and marketing it was time for him to taste the world again; but this time he was choosing what’s on the menu. His short but intense career could already be the pitch of a small book. Or a cartoon. For the colours, extra-ordinary events, crashes and numerous super beings that star in his fantastic stories.

In a nutshell, Antoine’s path was blessed with premature management positions at Montreux Jazz Festival and a boutique hotel in Siem Reap Cambodia; a role in the opening team of The Standard Hotel in NYC; before re-opening Sunset Beach, a tree-house property in the Hamptons. Then Analyst for a hospitality consulting firm in London, he later joined a major recruiting agency to lead the launch of their retail division in Geneva. 

Antoine is a romantic visionary and a die-hard dreamer. Do you know  « Le Petit Prince » of French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? Talking to animals, asking endless questions with a flower in the hand ? That kind of guy.

Well dreamy Antoine has been drafting many business models for years. While particularly successful at his new role headhunting the « best talents » for the « best corporations », he had a breakthrough. Happy so far with his mission of helping people find more suitable jobs for their growth, he realized that he was also (in)directly helping multinationals with practices he didn’t approve, more performing at whatever they were doing to eventually please faceless shareholders. His sleep quality deteriorates and in 2012 at age 28, he quit his comfy situation and co-founded his first startup « StyleAvenue », a second-hand vintage clothing online platform. Which bankrupted two years later. Full of debt but also of invaluable new digital skills. And friends.
After a few consulting mandates among which was the relaunch of the oldest burlesque cabaret in Europe and some work with an award-winning mobile app development agency he decided to combine his hospitality and digital skills and start the creative collective of self-proclaimed Experience Architects ART&FACT. 

Back to London. 

The birth of We Are Wild

Our encounter was stellar. Despite different upbringings, we liked everything the same. It is with butterflies and lots of hazelnut milk cappuccinos in the stomach that we draw the contours of We Are Wild. We were both really excited about the healthy lifestyle these young and dynamic brands in London represented. Our vision was born: we would curate the most amazing brands and make them available for everybody. Our plan was to create a conscious marketplace, a community of ethical entrepreneurs, a collective of positive artisans and artists. 

The seed of We are Wild was planted. All it needed to grow was the right balance between water and sun…

A few moons later, the time came for the seed to sprout. Antoine and his team were designing a live arts and music bar for a new client located inside an underground chapel in Geneva. I’m not kidding you. A good friend introduced him to Stefano and Laetitia, a wonderful airy middle-aged couple. He was a successful serial entrepreneur and she had this ever-lasting smile that always-happy people casually wear. They have this 400sqm space in the heart of Geneva and wanted to launch something fun and healthy and thus were actively looking for someone to develop the concept with. Honest, straight-forward and enthusiastic, they immediately connected.
And so, the story of « ALIVE » started. We will tell you more about this exciting story another time. But part of this soon-to-become holistic health studio was to offer a superfood kitchen and concept store.

We presented We Are Wild as an opportunity to showcase the best products Nature has to offer together. A match made in Heaven as both projects had objectives to inspire the masses towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. And We Are Wild was jump-started along the development of Alive. 

We are so amazed by the many serendipitous encounters that made this journey possible. Immensely grateful as well, for the countless loving people that have supported us and the many friends who have now joined the Wild Tribe as important co-authors of the chapters to come. And of course We Are Wild only exists thanks to and for the passionate entrepreneurs and their partners who daily shape a better world for us and the generations to come. A warm thank you to the first brands who candidly join the Wild dance. It is their inspiring stories that we will bring to you in this Wild Journal. 

A warm Thank You from and for All of Us. 
We Are One. 

With love & light

Lucie & Antoine

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