We Are Wild strongly believe in the most natural way of life and especially organic farming.

However it is possible that some rare products are not certified organic. This may be due to some companies in the process of acquiring their certification or in some other case not willing to acquire it for philosophical or financial reasons despite working with the highest standards.

We select only brands and craftsmen that work with the highest standard, beyond the certifications requisite and with love.

Superfoods are nutrients-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

Superfoods are the most incredible foods mother nature grows naturally and that are especially packed with precious life-enhancing micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals..

Some of the super valuable nutrients that certain superfoods contain include antioxidants, thought to ward off cancer and fight the ageing process; healthy fats, thought to prevent heart disease and boost your brain performance; fiber, thought to prevent diabetes and digestive problems; or phytochemicals, the chemicals in plants responsible for deep colors and smells, which can have numerous health benefits. This is only a small introduction and you will find more detailed information on our article on THE WILD JOURNAL and or FACEBOOK PAGE.

However, there are no set criteria for determining what is and what is not a superfood. It is a term coined to help make these products easily recognizable by some modern consumers that are looking for healthy foods. Indeed until recently these products might not always be familiar to our daily consumption habits. They belong mainly to the fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, algae, mushrooms and roots categories. Some of them are very common in one country and niche in another. Think about quinoa, açai or spirulina that were barely known in Europe some 10 years ago. Superfoods might be a good entry into healthy eating, and understanding the nutritional value of the food you eat can be enlightening, but there are lots of healthy foods out there to explore, even if no one is calling them "super." Just think about your childhood broccoli which is still to this day a top scorer on the chart of healthy foods!

You are literally what you eat. Therefore right diet is the most important factor to feel fresh and ready, fight diseases and live a longer fulfilling life! Consuming foods that are packed with nutrients is certainly a very good idea. But we would like to kindly remind you that the key to a healthy diet is to consume a variety of nutritious foods in the right quantities. Please try to consume mostly as locally as possible and in season. If you can, completely ban refined sugars, palm oil and processed foods in general which is actually full of the first two. Keep to a minimum your consumption of dairy, meats, saturated fats and alcohol. We don’t pretend to hold the truth and we certainly don’t ask you to believe us or follow a strict diet. But we invite you to try, experiment and decide for yourself.

We also highly encourage you to dig deeper, read and learn from various sources, on the web or in specialized literature how to live a healthier fulfilling life !

Because we care.

The first general criticism of the use of the term "superfood" is that, while the food itself might be healthful, the processing might not be.

For example beware of the sugar and palm oil content found in most processed superfoods available in your usual supermarkets, kiosks and online retailers. Similarly, many whole grains are processed in a way to be more palatable and less healthful. For example, instant whole-grain oats are as unhealthy as overly processed white bread in that they quickly spike sugar levels in the bloodstream once consumed, promoting insulin-resistance, obesity and diabetes.

We really care about health, people well-being and the environment. So we carefully select brands that have a positive impact through there all value chain and whom processes and products pass our internal test. We meet personally all brands founders and go see for ourselves that the goods words and promises they make to you are genuine and applied with sincere love.

This is why we have spontaneously requested to join the B-Corp program that help us audit our processes to continuously improve our way of doing and propositions to you. Learn more about it here.

Most supermarkets and online retailers display brands that have poor ethical values.

High street brands main goal is to maximize profit. They owe it to their shareholders.

They will source on lower quality raw material, crush farmers to lower price, accept bad environmental impact if it lower the prices of their raw material, process heavily even if it deteriorate the good nutrients you are looking for, add tons of sugar, salt and palm oil to stabilize and make it taste addictively good. For your health stake, please don’t stop at the main tags “superfoods, vg, raw etc” , read the fine print and learn to recognize toxic ingredients.

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