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We offer special prices for professionals. We are happy to get you started with some advice in merchandising, products knowledge training and workshops for your sales force and/or as a promotional event for your dear customers.


If you have a bio / fine food shop, concept store, spa, fitness or yoga studio your customers are already looking for these products.
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We are strong of several years in hospitality operations management as well as consulting for hotels, spa, restaurants and bars, including projects design and development in Asia, US, UK and Switzerland.
As you have surely noticed, market demand is thankfully moving towards a more conscious, healthier way of living, eating and drinking. Your customers are looking for healthier and more stimulating options.


The way raw material is sourced and transformed is important, but not only. They want to live an original experience and be surprised. One that will make them feel good about themselves, alined with their values and truly fantastic form the inside out.
We invite you to harness the potential of this positive movement. Become an avant-garde actor, generate some goodwill, buzz and attract more happy people to you.

We would be thrilled to work with you designing and developing new inventive offers, menus and services.

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We can design with you a dream minibar offer. One that will wow your customers and really make the best use of this amenity and underused revenue source.

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